Grots are back!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Hrm. It would appear my "project updates" jobby to the left isn't working properly. I'll recode it at some point, but for now I'll have to manually point out updates.

I've updated the wartrakk's blog with the finished pics of the first one and the wip pics of the next two. Quite happy with how they're coming along.

Also bought the ork battlewagon (hence my move from arbites to grots for now), and I'm currently working on ways to make it fit better. I get the feeling it might end up being a cross between a tank and Howl's moving castle. We shall see.

Bought two sets of the new gretchin models, probably going to be my "slugga" boyz. Pretty cool models, fairly flexible I think.

Finally sorted out some display cabinets for my models too. Bought two six foot high ones which are now more or less full. I'll take some photos for posterity. Shame how bloody awful my painting was (meh, and is if we're honest). But nice to see the history of my collection in one place. Well two places, all the wips are still in my study.

Oh yeah, and I've finally been inspired to do my iron squiggoth (named after Krooza's of course), which I think will have to rock. Oh yes.