An update!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I'm as shocked as you are. Hah. I did post up the finished images of my Arbitrator Squad which makes a nice change. They're not perfect, but I'm pretty happy with them.

I thought rather than trying to start a load of project logs that won't get updated for months, I'd just do a general update to show what's on my desk at the moment. Well ok, up until about two minutes ago when I cleared it so I could reach the keyboard, but you get the idea.

Firstly the reason my gargant has been put on hold. Basically I channelled all my terrain building impetus into this instead of the big boy. I'll get back to him though.

This is going to be a diorama/photo terrain for my arbites. I just wanted to do sort of a segment of a hive. I still needs a lot of work, but the idea is starting to show. At the bottom we have the sewers (the underhive to some extent I suppose), then above that an industrial section with large delivery doors and vehicle access, then at the top will be the habs. Loads to say about this but I'll wait until it gets further and start a full log.

These guys I put together in an evening, just wanted something easy to do. They're my armoured fist squad for my Kiv guard army. Pretty basic troops, just shortened lasguns (to fit in the chimera, see). The sergeant is a little more interesting, but not shown here :) Oh and my phoenix club rough riders are left, which I'm doing for my praetorians when I get around to it.

The current state of play in my arbites army. There's a scout squad in there which is awaiting delivery of my procreate I ordered from ebay. Then there's the bike at the back, which is awaiting inspiration. Alas you can't buy that from ebay.

Finally my detective squad for my arbites. Four metal minis, two are ikore and two are heresy I think. I've done some minor mods, lasguns on a couple, tiny bits of greenstuff (a mowhawk, a ponytail, sunglasses and an armoured vest). More details as an when.

I've just ordered a load of evergreen plastic for the diorama, and finally bought a toxic chemical plant thingy for the gargant. Oh and some more resin bases.

And I still keep getting bored and flit to other projects. Hah. This weekend I'm hoping to photograph all my armies as they currently stand and get this site updated. Most of my dark angels are done, but have been for about ten years. Not very well done but worth posting. Of course I still have a ravenwing box I've barely touched to add.

So much to do, so little time.