Back once more!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Woo! It's been a while, but I'm finally back on the 40k trip so thought I'd update the site. Work has ceased for the meantime on Stadtheim, my fantasy terrain I've been doing. It's like all my hobby impulses, they come, they go, they usually come back again.

Even found myself working on the Great Gargant the other day until I ran out of pins. Unfortunately the ice and snow foiled my attempts to get some more, and then the urge passed and now it's on the shelf again. Hah.

My current whim then is my Knight Paladin. I'm basing him on a lego bionicle figure, but if all goes well it won't be immediately obvious at the end. Hopefully the first reaction will be "cool", rather than "oh cool, lego".

Finally I've got around to tweaking a few parts of the site. The latest blog updates will appear at the top of the home page, and things should look a little slicker in IE. I still recommend Firefox, but I'm getting around to hacking the site for IE's display bugs.

Anyway, just announcing my return. Hope everyone had a good christmas, I know I'm enjoying my week away from work!