Praetorian's Ho

Monday, 13 April 2009

Right then, things are progressing nicely. Hit a minor stumbling block in the praetorian tanks in that I've run out of road wheels. I need something about 18mm diameter to work for the hellhound. If anyone has any suggestions..

The two APCs are now complete though, which is good news, and quite surprising that I took two simultaneously all the way through to completion. Not like me at all really.

I've started the hellhound, the chassis is underway and I've found a suitable tank. As I say though, roadwheels will be an issue here.

Planned out the command chimera, but that now needs my predator to arrive. Hopefully it's just delayed by the holiday break.

Also started a basilisk. I'll get photos and a log up asap. It's sort of a Hummel meets an M110a2. Ish. I've found enough large road wheels to do this one, but of course I've run out of tracks! They're on order from ebay.

Oh and I undercoated my Kiv Guard Armoured Fist squad, so they'll need painting at some point. I think I'm going to invert the colour scheme to denote them as a different unit type.

The baneblade is finished, did I mention that? All painted and shiney. One of the sponson hvy bolters has come loose, not sure how to fix that at this point, but it's painted. So again. Woo.

I very nearly bought some praetorians from ebay, but resisted the urge. Still holding out hope the phoenix club will cast their suitable torsos and I can convert cadians.


Warhammer World

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Edit: Woo, I'm famous. Well not quite, but I they did post my photo of the valkyrie interor on BoLS. Which frankly is far better than being famous, right?

So after a long bloody time in this hobby I finally made it to Warhammer World today. Really enjoyed my visit, spent just over an hour wandering around, had a coffee in Bugman's. Had the miniatures hall all to myself (literally, the automatic lights had to turn on for me).

I took a fair few photos, which you can see by clicking on the valkyrie below:

If any of the pics on the gallery don't work could you please just post a comment, I'm not sure I've entirely finished writing the script yet :)

Whilst you're there looking at my photos, I've also got another album which may be of interest. It contains various images of models made by other people. Basically as I ramble around the web I find things which inspire me in some way. If your pic is in there and you really don't want it to be please just let me know, but you should consider its inclusion a big compliment, I've very fussy about what I download.

Random 40k Photos Gallery

The store at Warhammer World is great too. Very different atmosphere to my local store. I have to be honest, I don't like Games Workshop stores. I find them to be quite oppressive and usually filled with obnoxious people. Hence I stay out and order everything off the net (the advantages of not being a gamer). But I really liked this one. The bloke I spoke to was informative and not a complete ott loon like a lot (you know who you are..).

Oh and the best bit, you can order forgeworld goodies in the shop and you get free shipping. How awesome is that? I want a thudd gun for my griffon conversion I'm planning, but didn't want to pay 20% ish of the price in shipping. Excellent stuff.

I'll go again when they've got one of thier special displays on. Starting tomorrow is the war of the ring exhibition, which I think would explain why there were quite a few armies missing from the museum.

Oh and the siege of vraks table is great. I got a few pics of the vehicles on it. If I gamed, I'd love to play on that terrain. The next table across had a massive ruined monstery type building which was a bit special too.

Wouldn't fancy it on a weekend though. I'd suspect it can turn into a bit of a bear (cub) pit.