And we're back!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Woo. The site is back online at last. I'm not quite finished, the army lists section needs a little tweaking, so I've turned off account registration (the only part of the site you really need to register for at the moment) until I sort that.

That section will let you create your own army lists online, then share or print them as you wish. As I mentioned before, I needed a tool to put together my own so I thought I'd share it. If anyone uses it that's great, if not, never mind hey?

I need to tweak the way my lists are displayed so I can link in my appropriate project logs to each part of the list, otherwise it's not much use for me (as a non-gamer!)

So the whole site has been written from scratch this time, meaning if you find any bugs I'd really appreciate a heads up. The project blogs are the main feature on the site and I think they work fine.

Thanks for coming back!

UPDATE: bugger. see this is what happens when you design sites that look right in firefox, safari, opera, chrome... I'm fixing the layout bugs in ie, but it may take some time. Oh and if you're using IE6 when I've stopped pointing and laughing I'd politely suggest you update to something a little more recent. Sorry, but it's just a dire browser to work with, I'm forced to do so all day at work, and I just can't face it in my free time.

The New Site

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

So as you may have gathered, the site is still offline. I decided to get the new version finished rather than spend a good hour uploading the old one.

Good news is it's nearly finished! A few sections to sort out, then it can go back online whilst I work on the admin side of things. Hopefully this week we'll be back in business.

Currently spending the rest of my free time working on Stadtheim which is making a refreshing change from the grim darkness of the future! Does mean I'll have no new updates to go on the site when it relaunches, but that's kind of the way this site has always worked. A few months of frantic creation then a few months of nothing.

My hobbies are nothing if not eclectic ;)