New IG

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Spend spend. Right had a bit of a splurge which coincided with my thirtieth, so lots of goodies kicking around.

I bought the new IG codex, so I'm currently recreating my army lists. A little depressed there's no chimera option for the Techpriest now, what with me having a nice Techpriest Chimera all converted. Never mind.

Also waiting on the new cadian battleforce and a catachan command squad, then I've got kicking around here a cadian squad and cadian command squad, and a shiny new valkyrie.

And finally, arriving from the US at some point will be my praetorian torsos from tpc. So I'll be using cadian parts to create another two squads for my praetorians. I think now might be the time to separate out the two armies. Excellent.

Not a huge amount to show yet. I've been building other bits and bobs whilst waiting for the last order to arrive (so I can figure out what I have and what I can equip). And spending time getting my GTA site back online.

I'll be back soon with photos, especially of my valk which is pretty much built now. Not a big flyer fan, but this is sweet as. Might have to get another for conversion fodder..

Ravenwing (hah, didn't see THAT coming did you?)

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Ok so tangents ahoy. My praetorian tanks have stalled I'm afraid. I ordered a valkyrie and cadian command squad with a view to keeping my IG going forward, but the site I ordered them from is being incredibly slow so I've moved on. snooze ya lose

My Ravenwing have been desperate for some love, I've had them for a few years now, living unassembled in a cupboard. So to make sense of what was there and what I already owned, I've come up with a plan.

Two ravenwing squads, each supported by an attack bike. That much was already planned. But one squad will be three normal bikes, with the buggy in tow.

The second squad will consist of trikes, incorporating the attack trike I'd made years and years ago. I'm really happy with how the new ones are coming together, in large owing to this great tutorial over on Bolter and Chainsword. I'd seen it ages ago, but finally got around to purloining a few parts for my trikes.

Had a chance to give my Dark Angels a proper look over, and I'm really happy so far. They're my most complete army, if I wanted to I could field about 2500 pts of painted models (not all painted well, granted) and a further 1k or so of unpainted stuff. I've also got a couple of rhinos to sort for them, and the potential of a new deathwing squad unless they go in the blood angels. We'll see.

Lots to do. Unless my Valkyrie arrives before the weekend, then I'll be doing that instead :)