Praetorian Vehicles Pt 2

Friday, 29 April 2011

Further vehicles of the 108th Praetorian.

Medusa Heavy Mortar (Harness Pattern)

It is with the heavier armament that the Harness pattern really demonstrates its superiority over other artillery constructs. The lower centre of gravity reduces chassis roll when firing the main weapon leading to increased accuracy over sustained barrages. The extra stability and enlarged gunnery station also improves crew endurance in prolonged deployments.

Leman Russ Battle Tank (Bromhead Pattern)

The Bromhead pattern battle tank shares it's turret with the more common Ragnarok. Larger than the standard pattern Russ, the Bromhead affords greater ammunition capacity, and accommodates a crew of seven (when fitted with twin secondary turrets). However the increased mass is at the cost of top speed, and the larger silhouette makes the Bromhead a more prominent target in open battlegrounds.

Praetorian Vehicles

Monday, 25 April 2011

The vehicles of the 108th Praetorian,currently engaged on Kataan IV.

Chimera APC (Chard Pattern)
 The Chard differs somewhat from the more common Chimera patterns. Being somewhat smaller it forgoes both the amphibious capabilities and the armoured turret. The result however is a more nimble vehicle, better suited to urban and jungle conflicts. Primary armament is cupola mounted, exposing the gunner to enemy fire but giving improved field of view.

Command Chimera APC (Chard Pattern)

The Command Chards are often constructed as a six wheeled variation, providing increased speed and ride comfort. Armament is housed in a dedicated mid turret, enabling the inclusion of data terminals and a vid scanner in the forward bay.

Hellhound (Chard Pattern)

The Chard Hellhound is similar in design to the lesser seen Graia pattern Hellhounds. However the inferno cannon is situated in a hull mount with a more restrictive 900 fire arc. The benefit of this is a superior flow of fuel from the storage tank to the cannon.

Griffon Mortar (Harness Pattern)
The Harness artillery chassis fell out of favour with many Imperial Guard regiments due to it's slow speed and relative scarcity of parts. Regardless, many of the Praetorian regiments still make use of the Harness, its lower centre of gravity and longer wheelbase offering a stable platform for sustained bombardment.

The Harness Griffon is unique amongst the various Griffon patterns, the armament consisting of four linked small caliber mortars rather than the traditional single, large bore mortar. This makes the Harness Griffon more effective at scattering massed infantry ranks, at the cost of pentrative power.

Praetorian Hellhound

Saturday, 23 April 2011

And the second BoB entry for April, my hellhound. I think I posted unpainted pics of these here before, but here it is with some paintwork. I need to do the weathering and try and scorch the end of the flame cannon but other than that it's almost there.

I've got all four Chard pattern vehicles on the desk next to each other at the moment, and I have to say they look rather cool. Love that whole standard pattern reused for different things vibe. One more vehicle on the same pattern for next months BoB, then we're onto the as yet unnamed artillery pattern vehicles. Harness pattern perhaps? hmm

Praetorian Ogryns

Woohoo, after my enforced internet hiatus my ISP has finally provided me a connection and we're back!

First of two in-progress Band of Brothers entries then. I did my first praetorian ogryn back in 2006, really can't believe it was so long ago. I always intended to finish the squad but never got around to it. BoB is just a great idea for finishing off lost armies.

Here they are before the paintwork:

The guy in the coat is the Bone ead, sculpted that a couple of years ago and it was very ambitious for me I think. The result is ok but not as crisp as I'd have liked. Not saying I could do any better now mind..

And with the basic paintwork done:

Will get these finished today and post up another picture. The highlighting is almost done now, a few small details then edge the bases and jobs a good un. I'm actually ahead for this months BoB. Considering the first two months have come down to minutes (seconds on month one) I'm feeling pretty damn smug.

So smug infact I'm making these guys a 'mascot' in the form of a Sergeant Major, standing on a pair of sand bags, barking orders. If it works it'll be cool. If not it doesn't have a points value so no harm no foul :D

Praetorian - Veteran Grenadiers

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The other item from March's BoB was a squad of veterans. These guys are grenadiers kitted out with carpace armour, shotguns and a bank of special weapons.

Colours are going to be standard for vets in my army, so the command squads and the like will have the tan trousers instead of the blue of the rank and file. Shotguns I found as a conversion somewhere, I think Life of Shan on DakkaDakka. I'll update this with a link when I have net access at home! Quite cool flamer/lasgun hybrids that look kind of like big spas 12 type things.

Every model is converted to some extent, all the bodies are slimmed down scouts, pith helmets are from Col. Gravis, sculpted far beyond my skill level.

As is often the case when I'm painting the individual models I get a bit disheartened at my own abilities, but always really like the final group effect. As someone said quantity has a quality all of its own!

Not quite sure on the BoB plan for April. I'm thinking ogryns and a hellhound but I'm still juggling figures (and need to figure out how much time I'll have for construction without making it a last desperate gasp on the painting).

Praetorian - Primaris Psyker

Hi there! Back after a little hiatus. I moved home at the start of March and am still waiting for TalkTalk to bother connecting up my internet, most frustrating. But I am still chugging away, my BoB Praetorians are developing nicely.

This month was a light one for me in the comp, just two items. First up is my Primaris Psyker. This is an old second edition IG Psyker model, one of my favourites in my collection. Probably one I saw in a WD battle report back in the day and liked so much I bought it (the same reason I have the old IG Assassin).

Painted in fairly muted colours, but I'm quite happy with the results. Things I'd like to do to it but at the moment I lack time and talent unfortunately :)