RT Imperial Guard up for sale

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Quick post, I've got an ebay item listed this week. I'm finally selling off my 25 rogue trader Imperial Guard plastics. They never got painted, I converted two (Cadian arms and a warzone backpack, nothing permanent) as the start of a storm trooper squad but then as usual my mind moved in different ways.

If you're interested here's the listing, and a photo of what's in the lot.

eBay Listing

If you decide to bid then good luck!

Status Update

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Right so with BoB currently feeling on target (this month is 1 tank and 10 infantry, the tank is done, and the infantry are primed and on their way), I've been looking at other stuff.

I've got my plan for the heavy weapons squad for next month. I was in about fifteen minds which way to go, in the end I went for mortars which will be represented with mole mortars. I though it fitted well with the old school character I'm trying to invoke. Something a bit like the ones at the bottom of this page, but obviously kit bashed from mortars. Damned if I'm trying to find real ones on ebay, that's crazy talk!

To try and improve my photographs, and thus hopefully the number of people who vote for me each month in Band of Brothers :), I wanted to do a quick spot of terrain. I've tried this in the past, but went a bit complicated and too small and it got shelved. So kept it simple. A sheet of polystyrene about 18" by 40", gouged out a rough river bed (to be dry, it is a desert world after all), and covered it in different types of sand. The pva is drying as we speak.

Then I had a rummage the interweb and found a nice desert scene image that looked the part. Ran a few filters on it to try and give it a painted look, since I think photo backgrounds always look a bit forced if they're too real. They make the models look like models! I'll print that out on the office laser printer tomorrow and see what it looks like. I need some ink for my printer, once I get that I'll probably pick up some matte photo paper and print it properly.

I'm fancying some of these cool tents from Renedra. The ridge ones. I think they'll make nice incidental details for the background of photos and are painfully cheap. I bought some of their barrels for Stadtheim and was very impressed.

Strangely I've currently got the completion bug. This isn't like me, but I'm actually getting a buzz out of finishing projects. The Ragnarok Leman Russ has been on the books for years and getting it done was great. Same for the ogryns. I'm eyeing my Knight Paladin and thinking how shiny it would look painted...

Praetorian Bromhead Leman Russ

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My Praetorian Leman Russ is finally finished. This is the Bromhead pattern closely based on the Ragnarok. Quite happy with the final result, there's things I'd like to have done if I could freehand but I wanted to get a coherent solid finish across this army. Have a shufties:

 And a quick scale shot with a veteran to give a sense of the size of this thing:

Pretty damned huge. But I like that about it, proper shock and awe stuff. Army is coming along now!

Praetorian Uniforms Pt 2

Sunday, 1 May 2011

108th Praetorian uniforms continued:

(Note: Infantry artwork derived from intellectual property of Games Workshop)

Praetorian Uniforms

Uniforms of the 108th Praetorian:

(Note: Infantry artwork derived from intellectual property of Games Workshop)

Praetorian Army

A quick shot of the whole army as it stands:

Left to right, back row: Hellhound, Command Squad Chimera, Chimera, Chimera
Middle row: Rough Riders, Ogryns
Front row: Infantry Squad, Veteran Squad, Infantry Squad (w/ Commissar)
Front: Primaris Psyker

Lots still to come, but we're rolling along!

Praetorian Ogryns

The Ogryns and their Sergeant Major are now complete!

Really happy with ow the unit turned out. Desperately trying to keep this army fairly light and characterful, so fun units like this always help. Quite happy with the sergeant major's facial hair too. He does have a battle scar around his right ear (cadian sergeant heads have no right ear, so I had to try and sculpt one myself), but it all adds to his history I reckon.

BoB in May will bring a Leman Russ and Cadian auxilliaries. But both with a difference of course.