Praetorian Infantry

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

And the infantry squad are also done. Surpised by these, wasn't a massive fan when I first primed them, but they've come together ok.

Again I could do with some detail shots, my rather amusing attempt at tartan on the sgts glengarry cap for instance. I'll sort them later, but here's a couple of group shots.

Lots more to do for Band of Brothers, namely I need to build the squad who are March's task. Might start them now, though packing the house up is kind of a priority at the moment!

Praetorian Cavalry

Hallo there. Things have been hectic here, namely because I move home in two days, but thanks to BoB over at AmmoBunker I've been keeping my Praetorians moving forward and I have a few things finished.

First up are the rough riders, my new pride and joy! They need some tweaking here and there, the riders especially, but since BoB is technically a competition and I had a deadline they'll be tidied up at the end.

I'll do some better individual photos when I get a chance, but there are four riders with lances, one with a heavy flamer and one with a grenade launcher. The guy pretty much in the middle on the purple bird is the sgt, but currently lacks any distinguishing features. He'll get a few extra details when I have the chance.