What have I been doing?

Monday, 8 February 2010

Hallo. Not posting in here as much as I should.

Ok so the Knight Titan has ground to a halt unfortunately. Usually happens, he's more or less at the detailing stage. I'll get back to it anon, but don't hold your breath. I think this site should be seen more as a home for ideas rather than the place you come to see finished products! Still, serves as a record to my ADD-like approach to hobbying.

Anyway I have been doing other things. I've painted a squad of IG for the Kataan IV army. I'll get these photographed and posted probably tonight. I don't do a lot of painting so this is a good thing. Better still it's firmed up the colour scheme with new paints, some of the gw ones I was using have been discontinued. I've found replacements in vallejo and am happy.

Also bought some new brushes. Spent a while looking at various ones without much understanding really. I went for the army painter ones in the end. They offer useful descriptions of what the size could be used for, and the handles are more chunky (a toblerone style grip) which are good for my ageing hands ;)

Yesterday I undercoated the command squad and the veteran squad for my guard, so painting has begun on them too.

Also (wow busy busy), I've started my storm troopers. I originally bought some RT guard to use as storm troopers, but I'm not happy with the size differential. I think they'll go back on ebay at some point. So mine are normal cadians with pig iron heads and some gubbinz. Will post pics.

Bought one of the new hellhounds too. I'm combining this with the parts I had laying around from a predator to make one of my rhimera jobbies. The other half of this (chimera tracks, rhino chassis) will form the base of my second artillery piece. I was going for a griffon, but got a bit diverted by the idea of a manticore. mmm rockets. The griffon I have the pieces for us going to use a FW thudd gun.

Damn I need to sort out the photos for all these guys. Perhaps that's a job for tonight, document my IG properly?

One last thing, great new source for wheels. Over on Ammo Bunker Digits drew attention to some he'd seen. They're a little taller than ork wheels, a little thinner, and basically perfect for IG. I'm going to make a six wheeled variant of my Chard pattern chimera. In fact I've already started. Details on buying are in the linked thread. 50p each,I bought twenty and am very happy with both the sculpt and the casting. Chris from Tablescape is looking into variants too for differing sizes. I'll keep you posted.

Oh yeah and I also bought a 1/48bradley kit dirt cheap for the road wheels. These mean I can finish the chard pattern hellhound I started months ago.

It's all go!