Adeptus Mechanicus

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Right then, AdMech army is in development. I'm basing it on the Ork list, I just thought their particular brand of Mek know how seemed to fit. And the lifta-droppa wagon is definitely going in.

Here's where I am so far:

Calling this guy a stalker, since he, you know, stalks. It's a deff-dread proxy with rokkit launcha and will have a kustom mega-blasta mounted on the tail arm once I figure out what it will look like. This has been in development for years so probably has been shown before.

Servitors. These are going to serve as the Ork boyz (slugga choppa armed). I've only done four so far, I just won a lot for 17 servitors on ebay that I'll customise to fit. Based on an idea I saw on ebay btw.

The warbikes. These are going to be servitor controlled monocycles. The servitor torso will be out one side, the weapon on the other. If I get the model looking something like I want I'm going to cast it so I can reproduce ten easily. I'm also toying with the idea of enclosing some, just happens ping pong balls are the right size for the inner hole.

I'm doing hyspasists as gretchin (humans, probably cultists from the new starter set). They'll be the only really shooty squads in the army, due to the grots higher BS skill.

Going to have three big trakks which will be tracked weapon platforms. Also some robots and some praetorians (the admech kind). It should be fun. The best part is it's all small projects so I can chop and choose and keep my interest up!


Zzzzzz said...

Looking good so far. Interesting concept - Ad Mech using the Orkdex. Good luck with the castings.

Si said...

Cheers mate. I like quirky ideas, they keep me interested. I keep going back to my marines but well so many people have done a marine army what can I bring to the table that's new?

How many orkdex ad mech armies have you seen? Exactly!