Stormtalon Conversion

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Heya. The titan is currently on hold for now. Stalled around the left arm and at risk of losing my mojo completely jumped project for a while.

So I thought I'd build the stormtalon I've had laying around for ages. I didn't want to do a standard build though, it looks like the designer wanted to get too much into a small space.

Here's my take:

I lengthened the tail using the top fin, then mounted the tail backwards and upside down, seemed to have better proportions that way.

The engine wings have been moved to the front, and I trimmed off a few bits to try and slim down the engines (they're still monsters though!).

Then for weaponry I used a pair of assault cannons from my ravenwing boxed set. Prefer them to the ones that come with the kit, so much leaner and better detailed. Finally dropped the rocket pods altogether and used some rockets from my bits box.

It's still a bit snug, the whole thing feels like the cockpit is too wide and the engines too large meaning it's a bit cramped. But I prefer the proportions now.

Still undecided what to use it for (my Angels of Elutriation chapter are Blood Angels successors, so no shiny flying potatoes for them). I'm currently toying with the idea of an Ad-Mech army based on the Ork Codex, so this may end up being a dakkajet. Random huh?


Zzzzzz said...

Orky Ad Mech dakka-jet ?

You're right. Phenominally random. In a good way.

Si said...

lol yeah I know. It'll all make sense when I post my admech list. I hope. My deffdread is coming along nicely though as is the prototype warbike.